Candles Aftercare

We often are asked about the best way to extend the life of our candles, so that you can enjoy them and their aroma, for longer.

Candles are best stored out of direct sunlight, as uneven changes in temperature might affect their performance.

When lit, try to keep them out of draughts, as this can cause an uneven burn. Always make sure that they are away from open windows or doors, and most importantly, away from curtains or fabrics.

When you light your candle for the first time, you should allow sufficient time before extinguishing it for the entire top layer of wax to be melted, all the way to the edge of the candle. For some of our larger candles this can take several hours. This first burn is important to allow the candle to then burn evenly all the way down, without a perimeter tube of unburnt wax forming.

Remember that with all candles, the wax expands when warmed and alight, and the wax contracts when cool. Keeping the candles in a warm environment when not lit will assist with their performance when ultimately lit.

When you no longer need your candle, use one of our snuffers to extinguish the flame. Blowing out the candle can result in the hot wax being splattered over its local environment, and the wick continuing to smoulder and smoke.